Shed Creek Cellars Winemaker

The youngest son of five kids, Bob Morgan, has a passion for wine; it began with tasting, grew to learning about the process, and eventually making the wine himself. His friends and family were eager to try his homemade stock. It was then that Bob’s secret had been tapped—he had a gift for winemaking. With his guidance, and some help from the premium varietals of the Morgan vineyard, Shed Creek Cellars was born.

Nestled among the hills in southeastern Napa county is Gordon Valley. The Morgan Ranch has been in the family for over 40 years. Keeping with the “Old Napa” vibe of the valley, it is our every intention to stick to our roots. At Shed Creek Cellars, we are cultivating an environment of Southern hospitality by blending a mixture of good company, great wine, and spectacular views. We’d love for you to join us for the second weekend of every month. Come take a break under the great oak at Shed Creek Cellars. Cheers!!

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